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Kamen Rider Motor Modified

Kamen Rider is a story about a super hero series production (film company engaged in the super hero) which originated from Japan. Kamen means mask, and the rider means motorists. So generally is kamen rider masked rider. In particular, kamen rider is someone who has the power to transform himself into a masked super hero and berarmor which also has extraordinary powers. Kamen rider public transport is the motor, but there are also some that besides the motor.

Kamen Rider has a variety of shapes and types. There are human, Cyborg (the human half robot), 100% robot, half human monsters, and some even 100% monster. Kamen rider there are protagonists and antagonists. Kamen rider series there are many, some related and some are not. Kamen rider series was first created in 1971, until now, kamen rider series continues to emerge. In this blog, I only discuss the kamen rider who emerged from the years 1971-1994.

Each Kamen Rider has a vehicle, according to the name "Kamen Rider" they are a motor vehicle. However there are also some kamen rider Motor who rode in addition to the motor or do not even have vehicles at all. Most of motorcycle rider kamen originally an ordinary motor, when the kamen rider change, the motor would be changed.

Then what is the normal engine wear kamen rider?
most of Japan's Honda motorcycle in use and the modification as a kamen rider vehicle.
such as whiz you look stylish when you are in the modification of motor such as motor kamen rider

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